Summer Evening

Ekphrasis, after Edward Hopper  when at last you crossed my lawn  through the dank of late July  all I could see was the way sweat pooled  in the creases of your shirt  the glint in your eyes as they scrutinised   the fissure in my chest  the pot of beans boiling over behind the curtain  andContinue reading “Summer Evening”

Religious people are happier, study finds

I had not spent time with my faithlessness  until I was faced with the emptiness of Brompton Oratory  the vacancy of god between the pews the slow unpeopled creak of confession boxes  and a spectral nod of candle heads  communing with the dust I did not think of it again until the following summer inContinue reading “Religious people are happier, study finds”

Migrating Season

Fifth time in five years and like always days dragged their feet then sprinted, until with the shrivelled fruit of August I am sweating boxes, dripping saucepans to another crater of this city. Heat bears down, desk fan churns but missing this place? Its panorama of bins, the guy who daily examines his dick, thickContinue reading “Migrating Season”