‘Does it hurt?’: newly published by Ink, Sweat and Tears

Good things come in threes – after much (often unsuccessful) submitting, I have another poem up on Ink, Sweat and Tears – a webzine with real soul run by the wonderful Helen Ivory. This one is very tender, very close to my heart. I hope it speaks for itself without much need for explanation, butContinue reading “‘Does it hurt?’: newly published by Ink, Sweat and Tears”

What have I built?

I suppose it has something to do with the porch where I opened the trinket shop, selling lumps  of gravel and dandelions through the letterbox, or the cockle shells arranged in a witch’s seance  along the edges of our rug, inhaling the smell of settled soot, door shut, waiting for life to happen. Then somethingContinue reading “What have I built?”