New poems on Wild Court: ‘Arrival’ and ‘Questions to a mound’

Woods at Sutton Hoo, Suffolk

I am very pleased to have two new poems on Wild Court – a wonderful journal founded in the English Department during my degree at King’s College London.

Both poems are, coincidentally, connected in some way to that time. ‘Arrival’ is inspired by my home of 2 years on the Regent’s Park Estate in Camden; ‘Questions to a mound’ by an interest in Anglo Saxon burials and material culture that seeded during a course on Medieval Literature.

Last December, right before lockdown #359, I was lucky enough to see Sutton Hoo (or the ghost of it!) in the flesh, in the pouring rain. Though very different, these poems are united by their exploration of people in place – how we relate to the built and natural landscapes we inhabit.

As a young poet (working full-time to pay the rent and writing poems with bleary eyes on a Sunday evening!) it is really reassuring to finally get some work out there!

Published by Ruth Beddow

Poet, writer and heritage professional based in London, UK.

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